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charmed & dangerous!
Welcome to Charmed & Dangerous! We are a literate future Charmed site set in 2034 in San Francisco, CA. Our story takes place well over 5 years after the Charmed Ones; Piper, Phoebe, and Paige; go missing after a battle with an unknown foe and 3 years after the new Charmed Ones; Prudence, Penelope, and Patricia; are revealed.

Now with the one who took the old Charmed Ones coming out into the world once more to yet again try to rid the world of the Charmed destiny all of the Halliwells must take their place to find their missing mothers, and save themselves as well as the rest of the world. But not everyone is out to save the world and many can easily be swayed to the other side. Its up to you to decide the future of Charmed now.

Angel Of Fate
Angel Of Destiny
Angel Of Death
site created by lyssa, aka angel of fate. all content belongs to the members of this site, anything that doesn't will be credited towards it's creator otherwise in the thread. charmed was created by constance m burge.

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Members & Guests,

Sorry but for now this site is closed down. It may return in the future, but for now it is closed due to people stealing from it and I would rather not have anything stolen from here. If anyone wants to get a hold of me my email is brittanyaldis@yahoo.com.

Angel Of Fate {Lyssa}
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